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CUETools tab

CUETools Adv Settings CUETools.png


Allow multiple instances {checkbox}
Allow several CUETools windows to be opened at the same time.
Reduce process priority to Idle {checkbox}
Reduce process priority, using processor idle time to work.
Check for updates {checkbox}
Check for program updates.
Truncate extra 4608 samples if present {checkbox}
Some erroneous FLAC encoders add extra 4608 zero samples at the end of each file. These extra samples can be detected and removed.
Create .m3u playlists {checkbox}
Create M3U playlists for Tracks mode (an audio file for each track).
Create .cue file even if embedded {checkbox}
Create a separate CUE file even when embedding one into audio file.
Locate audio files if missing {checkbox}
Preprocess with filename corrector if unable to locate audio files.
Separate thread for decoding {checkbox}
Improves speed on multicore processors.

Gaps handling

Used when encoding in Tracks mode.
Gaps Appended + HTOA {radio button}
Recommended setting. Gaps appended to (added to end of) the previous track. Any HTOA (Hidden Track One Audio) located in the INDEX 00 (pregap) area of Track 01 will be preserved as an audio file with the track number 00 and title (HTOA).
Gaps Appended {radio button}
Gaps appended to (added to end of) the previous track. HTOA is discarded and replaced with a PREGAP (silence) command in the CUE file.
Gaps Prepended {radio button}
Gaps are prepended to (added to beginning of) the next track.
Gaps Left Out {radio button}
Gaps are left out (discarded and each replaced with a PREGAP (silence) command in the CUE file).

Audio Filenames

Keep original filenames {checkbox}
Create audio files with the same names as in source CUE sheet when possible.
Single format: {textbox}
Audio file name template for Image modes (one big audio file).
Track format: {textbox}
Audio file name template for Tracks mode (an audio file for each track).
Force ANSI filenames {checkbox}
Only allow characters, which are present in ANSI codepage, for compatibility with non-unicode applications.
Remove special characters except: {textbox}
Lets you specify special characters to allow in the file name (a special character is any character other than a-z, A-Z, 0-9, space or underscore excluding any character restricted by the system).
Replace spaces with underscores {checkbox}
Replaces spaces in file names with underscores.


CUETools user interface language {drop-down list}
Currently English, German or Russian.


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